Preventive Maintenance


Ahmit: complete all vacant moveouts showings and phone calls.
Zakahra: collections phone calls walk-ins
Starting this week we will move on a rotation one week you will be doing work orders the next week you will be doing flips.
This week Melvin Edward and Andy will be doing work orders. This week Danny and Elliot are doing flips. Danny is to start on building 7. Elliot to start on building 20.
Next week Danny and Elliot will be doing work orders. Next week Melvin Edward and Andy will be doing flips.
Melvin on building 1 Edward on building 12 and Andy on building 20.
We are doing this so that work orders don’t continue to pile up and we have a consistent flow of units.
Elliot and Andy are to complete the fire units with full rehab by the 19th.
Elliot and Andy to flush all of the plumbing on the property.
Elliot work on building 19 and 20 vacant and mold issues by the end of the month.
Frank in October to help winterize vacant units.
All maintenance- what laundry rooms are working and unlocked? What is broken or locked please get me list.
Please continue to help organize and keep things in their home in the plant. What garages do we have other supplies in?I have to have all supplies moved to the plant.
we will soon be launching an inventory system where you will be checking out each item you need for each apartment all items will be housed in the plant except for paint and paint sprayers.
Where did all of our heaters go we only have three in the office?
Where are all of our hedge trimmers?
Preventative maintenance
Assign each maintenance person a checklist of things that need to be done weekly as well as monthly this will help us avoid Pipe burst break-ins they need to know their units. This includes boiler rooms laundry rooms exterior of the property garages stairwells.
There will be a checklist in there that you must sign in date and note what you found.
Property appearance
as part of your flips you will be required to ensure that the exterior of your buildings are clean this includes sweeping off the porches sweeping the stairwells if this is not done you are not going to be getting credit for those flips. All garbage and items that do not belong in the stairwells must be removed.if you see garbage next to the dumpster you are going to be responsible for putting it in there.
Starting this week building one and five will be getting blinds we will continue to work building by building till every apartment has new working blinds. The tenants are being notified that it is $25 for regular blind replacement and $80 for a patio blind replacement.
broken windows are to be determined on the cost as each one has a different cost.
 toilet seats will be charged at $30
 lock changes will be $125 
cleaning issues that are resulting in bug problems or general housekeeping will result in a $50 fine and 5 days to clean it up or we will proceed to eviction.
I have already-made violation notices I will be supplying them to you if you see something wrong leave a notice follow up they have 24 hours or let me know and I will fine them. 
We are not going to continue to allow some of these behaviors to continue I will be taking action I am on your side.
You tell me the issue I will send them a violation and I will Bill them for it. if you feel someone should be charged for something call krystle  and she will come and look at it and she will notify them of the fees.
We have to stop replacing things that are damaged by the tenants for free this is unacceptable.
each employee will be responsible for snow removal for their area Melvin building one through six Danny building seven through nine Edward building 10 through 16 Andy 17 through 20 Elliott 21 through 24 and Frank the office
Snow removal will begin after 2 inches of snow.all salt buckets must be checked before it starts snowing. We will have ample salt this year we have already ordered it.
all snow removal equipment including our salt is not to be taken off of the property for any reason. This is our equipment and it could be considered a theft. Please know that we pay for these supplies and they need to be used on our property only.